martes, 1 de mayo de 2007

Peter Petrelli must die

The last 4 hours have been long. Hiro and I went to the future, met his future self, played Wii60 and I witnessed many deaths. Hiro was in captivity but I was hogging all the action with Future Peter and Future Hiro. That conversation with Future Peter is still ringing in my ears...

"Between you and me, I think you're the reason Hiro is obsessed with saving the world" he said.

I had a lot of questions to ask but hot, sweet, sexy, hot, beautiful Niki came in and took Peter away. It was then that I was mega jealous of Peter and I planned to humiliate him in front of everyone but the fiasco against Homeland Security ruined my plan and then Hiro took us both to the year 2006. It was sudden, I mean, one moment I'm telling him I believe in him and the next moment we're gazing at New York after seeing Future Hiro die. That Matt Parkman is evil I tell you!!! Evil!!! But Peter is eviler and he must die. He has to step over my dead body in order to get to my little Niki...

I think I've done enough damage to him though. He'll never know I am the cause of his scar.

Look at the time, I gotta go.

martes, 24 de abril de 2007

Two Hiros, what can be better?

Just when I thought that one Hiro Nakamura would be an annoying life, we go to the future and there's another Hiro Nakamura, just that this one has a goatee and cool cloths.

"You" he said.

"Me?" said the non-cool one.

The future Hiro put his sword away and I was pretty sure he was thinking "The only reason I won't kill my douche self is because I'll die, I mean, it's like bumping old forum threads and people seeing how dumb you were in the past".

After a 20 second fixation into each other's eyes, Hiro glanced around the room and spotted a video game console he had never seen before.

"Is that the rumored veedio gameo console Wii60?" he asked.

Future Hiro sighed.

"I might as well admit you into the Head Quarters, it's been a little solitary since-"

Suddenly, the non-cool Hiro dashed toward the Wii60 and began playing MarioHalo 60. Future Hiro grabbed a controller and joined him.

I went to the kitchen and ate some waffles as I thought what life with 3 Hiros would be like...

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

Back to the Present

Hello dear readers. Sorry it's been long since my last post but I we've just had the craziest adventure ever! We're back from our adventure through time and space.

The mission was simple: retrieve Kensei's sword in order to save the world. It all started when Hiro wanted to prevent the explosion but lost the sword in the process. We had to travel through time and look for it. First we went to the year 1400 and met the Mayans and Aztecs. Then, we went to the year 1781 and witnessed the Battle of Yorktown to which Hiro was confused.

"But Ando-kun, what means independence?" asked Hiro.

"Just pass me the popcorn and watch the battle, Sulu" I told him.

After that, we finally found the sword in a dinosaur's mouth when Hiro took us to the dawn of history. But Hiro hadn't had enough, he said there was something we had to prevent. But it was too late. We tried many times but we always failed.

You know, I feel like garbage. I don't have a power and I am a mere sidekick. I am going to visit the New York library and see if I have any heroic ancestors.

sábado, 24 de marzo de 2007

Time journey: 1400

Hiro grabbed me and together we traveled to the day of the explosion but since we lost the sword while we were traveling, the whole mission got screwed up and Hiro began whining.

"Oh no! We losta the sword!"

"Calm down Hiro, we'll find it"

"I losta Charlie and now I losta the sword!"

"We'll find it, we just have to travel to where the sword is, cake"

But it really wasn't that easy...Hiro grabbed me again and we traveled to any random year in hope of finding the sword. We ended up in a place with many Mayans and Aztecs. I decided to use my new multilingual phrase book to ask them where the sword was. I walked up to the most normal looking Mayan and asked him.

"Xtactat caca sword?"

"Uterpie chakakakakalaal petiro osa halei halei"

I checked the phrase book to translate what the Indian said.

"We don't know anything of swords"

Without avail, I began getting the same answer over and over again while Hiro was socializing with some Aztecs.
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"And then I tell Ando-kun to eat waffles for fatso fatso!"

After asking a few more Mayans, I realized the sword wasn't here and that we were in the wrong century. I ran to get Hiro but he didn't want to leave.

"Hiro, we gotta go"

"Ando-kun I wanna staya"

"We aren't getting separated again Hiro, let's go!"

"No" said Hiro.

So I furiously left the area and began to meditate behind a huge rock. I also told some Indians about the time Hiro came to spend the night at my house and he peed in his boxers and his father, Kaito was furious. All the Indians roared with laughter and they even gave me some gold for telling them funny anecdotes. I told them about the time Hiro ate dog poo when we were small.

"Poo yote Hiro lammf"

And they kept on roaring with laughter. Suddenly, Hiro came to me and told me an ancient shrine told him where the sword was so I said goodbye to the Indians and thanked them for the gold.

"Namaste" I said.

Hiro grabbed me and we traveled to when we hoped the sword would be.

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2007

Time journey

Hiro and I have been walking down destroyed New York streets for about 2 hours now so I've decided to stop at a freshly built internet hut to post my new blog. Actually, I have nothing new to say except for the fact that Hiro is obsessing over his new sword and I'm pretty sure he'll start a time journey to prevent this "exploding man". Hang on , I think he's calling me.



"I have an idea, we'll travel in time and prevent this explosion!"

"I don't know..."

"C'mon man!"

I remembered how much time I had to wait for Hiro to come back when he tried to save Charlie and I didn't want to wait so I decided to go with him. I will update as soon as we get back.


jueves, 22 de marzo de 2007

Freaks and Geeks

I remember a few months ago when Hiro barged into my room one Wednesday morning while I was sleeping. He began screaming and yelling and stomping.

"Ando! Wake up! We're going to be late for Comic Con 2006!!!"

Even though I had been given the day off and I wanted to stay home sleeping, I just couldn't resist that face of his.

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He was even wearing a Comic Con 2006 T-shirt and I could tell he had one for me in that bag of his. So I decided to go. It would be a very long trip from Tokyo to San Diego and since we didn't have any money for plane tickets, we decided to ride a ferry which was heading toward California.

The trip was very long! Hiro was very hyperactive during the day and a half we were in that boat. If he wasn't playing Gameboy, he was running around telling people about the past Comic Cons we went to (yes, this isn't the first time he's dragged me into this) and if he wasn't doing that, he was reading X-men issue 143 over and over again. It was insane. When we got to San Diego, Hiro gave me my Comic Con 2006 t-shit and I wore it.

When Hiro wasn't looking, I pulled off my shirt and jumped into some trashcans. He turned at the sound.

"Ando-kun! Are you O-kay?" He helped me up.

"Yes. I am fine. Freaking thugs!" I waved my fist at their hypothetical escape route. "Too bad. They stole my shirt."

"No worry," he said reaching into his backpack, "I bring many. Prepare for mustard stains. Comic Con have good hot dogos!"

But like every other year he had about a dozen more shirts and I couldn't get out of this one. We got to the first panel and he began appearing everywhere like a freakin' super-fast clone.

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"Yatta! Hello San Diego!"

I survived through the day until it was finally time to go home. Hiro had managed to buy every issue of 9thwonders! and the first issue of Marvel Civil War. On the way back home, Hiro sat next to me on the boat and told me he had a surprise. I was a bit excited until he took out 2 tickets to Comic Con 2007.

"Don't worry Ando-kun, I'll make sure nobody steals your t-shirto thisa time!"

When will this madness end?